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About Google Index Checker

Check the Google Index stats of multiple websites simultaneously with this Google Index Checker

Many website owners, webmasters, and SEO professionals are now using tools like this Google Index Checker by Vhearts SEO Tools to quickly and easily access stats on how many web pages (URLs) that Google can crawl or index on a particular website.

This Google Index Checker tool provides valuable information that you can get in just a matter of seconds; allowing you to check the Google Index stats of up to 10 web pages at a time!

What's the index for Google?
All web pages which Google knows about are mentioned in the Google index. It includes hundreds of billions of web pages, and new pages are continually being modified. A site page has to be in the Google Database in order to feature in search results.

In order to be indexed, a website has to be crawled first. A crawl budget is allocated to every website by Google. "The budget for the crawl is described as "the amount of URLs that Googlebot can and wants to crawl". When a website contains so many pages when opposed to its budget for crawling, Google can not crawl and index all of its pages.

What is the Google Index Checker application?

The Google Index Checker is a free SEO application that Linkody provides to check if Google is indexing a page or a website. It's possible to scan up to 10 URLs at a time. If the website is not indexed, the method scans to see if the domain is indexed (i.e. other pages of the domain are indexed).

How to use the Checker for Google Index

Tap on the 'CHECK GOOGLE INDEX STATUS' button and insert up to 10 URLs. The tool can search the URLs and provide each one of them with an indexation status. It is possible to have this status:

Indexed The page has been indexed.

Page not indexed The page is not indexed, although there are other sites inside this domain.

Domain not indexed This domain does not have an indexed page.

When to use the Checker for the Google Index

Review to see if your website is indexed

If Google does not index the page, so it is practically non-existent. In search engine reports, it will not show and will not get any organic traffic. But it's incredibly necessary to make sure you're indexing the pages.

In order to verify if your pages are indexed, use our Google Index Checker app. Try again a couple of weeks later whether it is a fresh website and the tool claims it is not indexed. Based on the authority of the web, its scale, how broad the website is, and several other variables, how easily a new page can be indexed.

If after that period, the page is still not indexed, focus on enhancing it and making the website more authoritative in its niche. In order to verify the authority of your website, use our free Website Authority Checker tool.

Verify if a backlink is valuable

If you have a backlink or are looking for a backlink from a website, in order to know whether the link has some meaning, it is necessary to verify if the page is indexed. If Google is not indexing the page, it is possible that Google may not know about this connection. Using our Google Index Checker while you are operating on acquiring new links to first check if the referencing sites are indexed.

Why the observations should be viewed

What are the explanations for the inability to index a page?

Whether a page is not indexed can be clarified for many reasons:

Google is still not comfortable with this page. This will happen if the website is fresh because it has not yet been crawled by Google.

Google has ransacked the website, but it has not been indexed. If the page is poor quality, or if the website is so big and Google does not want to spend time on this page, this will happen.

What are the explanations for not being indexed by a domain?

A domain is not indexed if there is no indexing on all of its sites. Several explanations may clarify why Google does not index a domain:

The site is completely fresh and it also needs to be found by Google.

Google opted not to index the website or had already indexed the website, but Google wanted to de-index it. In all instances, this implies that Google assumes that the website is spammy or that Google Webmaster Rules have been broken, for example by utilizing black hat SEO or purchasing links. De-indexing a page involves absolutely excluding it from the results of the scan.

State of the index and the SEO importance of backlinks

Why does the index status have an effect on a link's SEO value?

If the page is indexed, there is some SEO meaning for a 'follow' connection from this page. To learn about all of the parameters that affect the importance of a relation, read our guide.

If the website is not indexed, however the domain is, any SEO meaning may or may not be required for a backlink from this page. It may be a matter of time; in the future, Google will decide to index this page. Google is often accused of following ties and carrying on any meaning, even though it has chosen not to index a website. Links from non-indexed pages can therefore also carry some importance, however it is usually easier to provide an indexed page connection.

If the domain is not indexed and the website is completely fresh, there would be no benefit for a backlink from this website. The website is toxic if the domain has been de-indexed, and a connection from every page on this website will be counterproductive.

How should a backlink be regarded based on the state of the page?

To verify the index status of the referencing sites, use our Google Backlink Checker and prevent possibly dangerous backlinks:

It has any SEO meaning if the page is indexed and the relation is followed by it. To track your backlinks, use a program such as Linkody and be notified if any of your links are deleted or modified.

Wait a couple of weeks if the page is not indexed and search its status again. For Google, it can take some time to index a website.

Google could have penalized the website if the domain is not indexed, and the connection may be toxic and harm the rating. The website or the whole site is firmly urged to be disavowed. Learn our guide to how to disavow dangerous associations.

What do you do while you are looking for a backlink?

To check the indexation status of the target list, use our Google Index Checker before setting the time and effort to position the link:

If the page is indexed and you can get a guide to follow, go for it, there would be some SEO benefit for the link (all other criteria excluded).

Wait a couple of weeks if the page is not indexed and search its status again. In the meantime, steer your effort into a different indexed page.

If the domain is not indexed, stop having a connection from this page or some other website from this website at all costs. Guide your efforts from a separate website in order to get a connection. Learn our handbook on the easiest way to receive backlinks.